Mythkillers is the story of Amanda Polias, a teenage demigoddess uncovering the trail of a mysterious figure who has laid waste to the afterlife. Joined by her devoted clay golem Mac, the immortal Greek warrior Dee, and the snarky Zulu fairy Sipho, Amanda is determined to set things right… even if she has to kill a few mythical beings along the way.

Mythkillers was successfully funded on Kickstarter in the summer of 2019. I wrote buckets of detail about the creation process of the comic and lore dumps from the universe on the Seasun Comics website, which is no longer extant because the office supporting it got downsized.

On October 6th, 2019, we completed files for upload of the first 6-issue story arc. As of January 2020, digital files are now all available on Amazon. For print copies or the graphic novel, Seasun’s Indiegogo page serves as its online store.


Issue 1, “Long Knives, Short Deaths,” on Amazon

Issue 2, “Neither Love nor Glory,” on Amazon

Issue 3, “The Thief of Tephet-Sheta,” on Amazon

Issue 4, “The Thousand Thrones,” on Amazon

Issue 5, “When We Need a Killer,” on Amazon

Issue 6, “Best of the Akhaians,” on Amazon