A Writing Tour

This is is where I show off promotional materials, excerpts from books, links to published or produced works, and so forth. My LinkedIn page covers my specific responsibilities for the collaborative projects. (Writing samples are at the bottom — just scroll down.)

I have also spoken at the Game Developers’ Conference on the topic of writer research skills. If you’re an attendee, you can find my 2016 lecture “What Wikipedia Doesn’t Know Can Hurt You,” in the GDC Vault.

Video Games

Pirates of the Caribbean

Relics of Gods

The Mass Effect Trilogy

Star Wars: The Old Republic

FableLabs Projects

My Loft



Civil Blood: The Vampire Rights Case that Changed a Nation

Short Fiction

“The 10:40 Appointment at the NYC Department of Superhero Registration”

“The Torturer of Camelot”

“High Water Mark”


The Agency

Tabletop Role-Playing Games

Legend of the Five Rings




The Shot Glass of Nostalgia” — Tabletop Stories to Help Your Games




Writing Samples

These are resume fodder: YouTube videos of my video game work and prose fiction in small, digestible chunks.


A Question of Motivation Part 1 (MMO Quest Giving) ~ 5 min

A Question of Motivation Part 2 (MMO Quest Resolution — twist at 10:34, dialogue at 18:31, total dialogue time ~ 5 min)

Priority: Citadel from Mass Effect 3 (Action Sample, RPG Video Game) ~ 30 min

Citadel DLC — Thane’s Memorial Service (Dialogue Sample, RPG Video Game) ~30 min

Citadel DLC — Silver Coast Casino Infiltration (Non-Combat Social/Stealth Mission) ~ 30 min

Wayfinder‘s Traditions of Eventide (Seasonal MMO Content) ~ 15 min or 47 min for all three parts


The Double (Contemporary Romance Fiction)

Interactive Novels:

Pinning Him Down (Contemporary Romance Interactive Fiction in Twine)

Interactive Quizzes:

“What Do I Know About Video Games?” (A Twine Quiz)