The Shot Glass of Nostalgia

Tabletop Stories to Help Your Games

There’s an old T-shirt that the White Wolf Game Studio employees wore to conventions, saying “Do Not Tell Me About Your Character.” While I recognize that many tabletop role-playing game fans can be socially dense in their enthusiasm about characters and campaigns, sometimes there is wisdom to be found in stories of games that either did well or crashed and burned.

I don’t have all the answers, as a gamemaster or as a player. No one does. But I do have some experience, and reading about the stories we told within the constraints of paper and dice might just make you laugh.

My Wife, The Prince, and the Lesson of the Vampire Buffalo

A story from the best Vampire: The Masquerade tabletop campaign I’ve ever been in.

Loan Sharks and Death Blimps: The Origin of Kane

A very long recollection of the campaign that spawned Shadowrun‘s most-wanted international felon.