Relics of Gods

This is a Seasun Games product that is currently delayed, a turn-based Massive Online Battle Arena.

A traditional Western high fantasy, Relics of Gods features an epic battle between the God of Light and God of Darkness… in the first few minutes. They kill one another and their bodies shatter along with the world. The rest of the game is figuring out how to restore balance to the universe. Not only is the planet of Kandir in five pieces, without the Primordial Wills of creation, Chaos is corrupting the lands and seas.

You are a Scion, a lesser immortal being who must protect your worshipers because you need their faith to survive. All other Scions seek the petrified pieces of the slain gods, relics of power that are the only way to drive off Chaos. These relics of gods will determine who sits upon the throne of the celestial city of Adbloom.

And that means all other Scions, whether “light” or “dark,” whether they represent greed or nature or justice… they are your enemy. The prize is simply too great: it is a war of all against all.

Relics of Gods – Facebook page.